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Wilson Therapeutics AB (publ) today announced its sponsorship of the second annual Big Walk on Wilson’s (Big Wow). The event will take place on October 1, 2016, in 24 cities across North America to increase awareness of Wilson Disease and raise funds for the Wilson Disease Association.

“As the father of three sons, all diagnosed with Wilson Disease, I have personal experience with the importance of an early diagnosis,” said Christopher Simopoulos, MD, one of the initiators of the Big Wow.

“We started the Big Wow last year to raise awareness of Wilson Disease among the public and the healthcare community. We were amazed by the success of this initiative, bringing together almost 1,400 walkers in 16 cities, and raising nearly $67,000. This is a great motivator to conduct further Big Wows, so that more patients are diagnosed earlier and we can reduce the well-known consequences of untreated Wilson Disease. We are extremely pleased that Wilson Therapeutics is supporting again this effort.”

“We are impressed by the energy, drive and strong will of patients and caregivers affected by the debilitating consequences of Wilson Disease to improve the diagnosis and treatment of this rare disorder,” added Jonas Hansson, CEO of Wilson Therapeutics AB.

“This community is actively looking for new treatment modalities that will rapidly relieve their symptoms, with fewer side effects and more convenient dosing”, he concluded.

Wilson Therapeutics is sponsoring this important event as part of its commitment to improve the lives of patients with Wilson Disease.

About Wilson Disease
Wilson Disease is a rare genetic disease that causes serious copper poisoning. The genetic defect causes excessive copper accumulation, primarily in the liver and/or the central nervous system and the disease results in life-threatening damage to the liver and brain if left untreated. Wilson Disease affects approximately one in every 30,000 people worldwide, corresponding to a prevalence of approximately 10,000 patients in the US and 15,000 patients in the EU.

About the Big Walk on Wilson’s
Bringing together members of the Wilson Disease community, the Big Walk on Wilson’s (Big Wow), established in Sacramento, California, is a walk across America to raise funds for the Wilson Disease Association. This initiative took place for the first time on September 19, 2015. The second edition of this walk is scheduled October 1, 2016, in several cities across America. Funds from the Big Wow will help create a database of patients and enable sharing of information about treatment options. The public is invited to participate by walking in a city currently planning a walk, or by raising funds virtually online.

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About the Wilson Disease Association
The Wilson Disease Association (WDA), based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a volunteer organization striving to promote the well-being of patients with Wilson’s disease and their families and friends. WDA funds research, facilitate and promote the identification, education, treatment, and support of patients and other individuals affected by Wilson’s disease.

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About Wilson Therapeutics
Wilson Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company, based in Stockholm, Sweden, that develops novel therapies for patients with rare diseases. Wilson Therapeutics’ lead product, Decuprate®, is initially being developed as a novel treatment for Wilson Disease and is currently being evaluated in a Phase II clinical study. Wilson Therapeutics is listed in the Mid Cap segment on Nasdaq Stockholm with the stock ticker WTX.

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