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Gaithersburg, Maryland – July 21 2015- Vaxin Inc. today announced that it has added key patents to its expanding Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio. The clinical stage vaccine and immunotherapeutics company confirmed that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a Notice of Allowance for two patents that protect important elements of its Densigen platform technology for immunotherapeutic treatment of Hepatitis B virus infection, and its RespirVec non-invasive adenoviral vector influenza vaccine. The patents include U.S. Application Serial No. 13/977,265 (the ‘265 application) entitled “Fluorocarbon-Linked Peptide Formulation”, and U.S. Application Serial No. 13/426,037 (the ‘037 application) entitled “Rapid and Prolonged Immunologic-Therapeutic”.

A Notice of Allowance is issued after the USPTO makes a determination that a patent can be granted from an application. Vaxin now has 37 patents protecting its products in 13 countries.

The ‘265 application is directed to a pharmaceutical formulation for Vaxin’s HepTcell Hepatitis B Immunotherapy product candidate with claims to an aqueous acidic formulation for fluorocarbon-linked peptides. The issued patent from this application is expected to expire in 2032.

The ‘037 application is directed to the use of Vaxin’s NasoVax influenza vaccine product candidate with claims directed to inducing a protective immune response against the influenza virus following intranasal administration. The issued patent from this application is expected to expire in 2032.

Scot Roberts, Vaxin’s CSO commented, ”Vaxin is a thriving company, set to begin phase 1 clinical studies in three independent indications within the next 9 months, including a recently opened study with HepTcell in chronically infected hepatitis B patients. These patent allowances demonstrate our continued commitment to innovation, differentiation, and product promise.”


About Vaxin
Vaxin Inc. is a clinical stage biotechnology company developing next-generation vaccines and immunotherapeutics to address significant public health and biodefense needs. By leveraging specific attributes of its two independent and complementary platform technologies, Vaxin can rapidly design product candidates against a wide range of disease targets, including respiratory diseases, chronic infections, and cancer. Our Densigen™ T-cell platform technology is uniquely suited to direct the immune response against traditionally difficult disease targets, including chronic infections and cancer, by directing an individual’s immune system against multiple target antigens instead of just one. Vaxin’s RespirVec™ platform utilizes convenient needle-free intranasal delivery to achieve broad immunity against disease pathogens more rapidly than conventional vaccines. Vaxin’s product candidates are easily manufactured, highly stable, and provide a safe, effective alternative to current products.

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