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Swedish Healthtech company Doctrin expands into UK

03 09 2020

The Swedish healthtech company Doctrin takes further steps abroad with a new entity designated for the UK. Country Manager for the new division is newly recruited Craig Oates, who will take lead on this expansion and present the company’s offer and ideas on how to radically improve healthcare to the UK market.

Doctrin is a healthtech company with an innovative solution that enables healthcare providers to intelligently digitalise the patient journey to create a more accessible, efficient, and integrated healthcare system. With only four years on the market, Doctrin is already Sweden’s leading B2B-platform for digital healthcare with a quarter of its population, 2,3 million people having access to the platform. With a value driven approach to revolutionising healthcare and documented results on how the platform performs, Doctrin is now ready to present their digi-physical solution to patients and physicians all over the world, starting this autumn with launching in the UK September 1.

“This is a really exciting time to be joining Doctrin and launching our new UK business. Doctrin is transforming how healthcare is delivered, moving to digital consultations that demonstrably improves patient care as well as the experience and efficiency for clinicians. This holistic view on digitalising the healthcare system is already proving its value in Sweden and the Czech Republic, showing game changing benefits which I look forward to sharing with our UK customers. It is a privilege to join such a passionate and dedicated team.” Craig Oates, Country Manager Doctrin UK

Craig Oates started his position in August 2020 and will work to implement Doctrin’s platform to healthcare units throughout the UK. With over 30 years of healthcare experience, both as a respected senior leader in the NHS and with some of the world’s leading digital health firms, he will be invaluable in driving Doctrin’s growth in the UK and internationally. Doctrin, who has raised over £20 million in capital, is continuing to show growth in its home market while putting more effort into expansion. In addition to some of the biggest healthcare providers in Sweden, Doctrin also has international presence with customers in the Czech Republic and Norway. With a growing organization and offering, Doctrin is now adding the UK to that list.

“Doctrin’s mission is to radically improve healthcare, which we believe is done by smart digitalisation that positively affects every part of the healthcare system and everyone in it. Now we have clear results showing that we are on the right path and the readiness to present the digi-physical method at a bigger scale. We see huge synergies with healthcare in Sweden and the UK, which is why this is a natural step in our growth. Doctrin is a value driven company, which makes Craig the perfect person to present our product to the UK market. His shared passion for the field together with his thorough experience and insights, makes us very excited to finally present him as a team member of Doctrin.” – Anna-Karin Edstedt Bonamy, CEO Doctrin

Source: Doctrin