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Doctrin receives ISO/IEC 27001 certification

Doctrin is proud to announce that the company has received its ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification. The certification marks an important milestone on Doctrin’s journey to continuously improve processes and risk management.

After a rigorous process and thorough audit, Nordic Certification has issued a certification validating Doctrin’s information security management system (ISMS). The ISO/IEC 27001 certification covers information security regarding the development and sales of digi-physical healthcare solutions.

Information security is a main priority for Doctrin. The company has been working for several years on developing and improving the ISMS, a task that is never done, but in constant movement. Expectations from customers, regulations, and legislation in different markets help Doctrin to continuously improve and expand processes and ways of working in addressing and handling risk.

“We are extremely proud to receive this certification, it is proof of the tireless work to improve information security processes that are constantly ongoing at Doctrin. We are happy to have customers and partners across many markets who push us to be at the forefront and keep to the highest standards in compliance and risk management. We look forward to continuing this work together with our customers”, says Anna-Karin Edstedt Bonamy, CEO at Doctrin.

The certification is especially important for the company’s continued growth in the UK.

“This is the international gold standard for security and the protection of our customers and their patient’s data. We are privileged to care for highly confidential and private patient data, achieving ISO/IEC 27001 reinforces our commitment to that duty of care and our relentless focus on ensuring we meet, and where possible, exceed the highest international standards. It has been a challenging and rewarding journey for the Doctrin team in preparing for and receiving this level of external review and assurance”, says Craig Oates, Country Manager, Doctrin UK.

About ISO/IEC 27001:2013

The ISO 27001 standard is an international standard that describes best practices for an information security management system (ISMS). Its best practice approach helps organisations manage their information security by addressing people, processes, and technology.


If you want to know more about certification or Doctrin’s Information Security Management System please contact Chief Information Security Officer Lars Pontén,, our Country Manager Craig Oates,

About Doctrin

Doctrin is one of the leading providers of digital healthcare solutions for primary and specialist care. Doctrin’s care navigation platform maximises efficiency and experience of care, ensuring full continuity throughout the care pathways. Documented results are more satisfied patients, improved quality of care, and a better working environment with less administration. The company is active in Sweden, Norway, the Czech Republic, Poland and the United Kingdom. Anna-Karin Edstedt Bonamy, M.D; PhD, is Group CEO.

Source: Doctrin