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Doctrin Launches Medical Questionnaires for Smoother Vaccination Flows

15 02 2021

The majority of Doctrin’s customers work intensively to plan the implementation of COVID-19 vaccinations. To permit a continued digital flow, Doctrin’s medical team has designed three vaccination questionnaires that will follow the frequently updated national guidelines for the vaccines.

Doctrin’s platform for digi-physical care contains a comprehensive anamnesis form bank with situation-adapted questionnaires based on the patient’s gender, age, and search cause. Since the patient is given the opportunity to fill in forms in advance, it better prepares the initial care contact and a standardised basis for facilitating the care professional’s decisions. Doctrin is now launching three vaccination forms designed for 1) requests for covid-19 vaccination, 2) questions about covid-19 vaccination, and 3) as a control before the second dose of the vaccine.

“Our clients have been, and continue to be, strongly committed to helping achieve the vaccination goals set at the national level. We are pleased to provide them with a digitalisation flow for vaccination against covid, especially given the need for both infection safety and efficiency in the processes of vaccination.” Says Anna-Karin Edstedt Bonamy CEO at Doctrin.

The caregivers who will vaccinate against covid-19 have used the questionnaires in their platforms since December 2020. The information can be continuously updated, for example, in which groups are prioritised, or answers to frequently asked questions.

The questions in the questionnaires are currently designed in accordance with the national guidelines and suppliers’ information about the vaccines approved for use in Sweden. Furthermore, the questionnaires will be continuously adapted as the information in FASS and national policies are updated. The control form before dose two also provides information on reactions and side effects of the first dose.


Hélène Vinberg – Head of Marketing & Communications

Source: Doctrin