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CERENIS Therapeutics acquires LYPRO Biosciences expanding its HDL strategy into immuno-oncology and chemotherapeutic drug delivery

8 novembre 2017,

• Combining LYPRO Biosciences’ NanoDisk® technology with CERENIS’ HDL solution to build the first HDL nanoparticle delivery platform to be initially dedicated to the oncology market

• Using its existing technologies with LYPRO’s NanoDisk® discoidal HDL, CERENIS is positioned to utilize HDL related particles to selectively target a wide variety of tissues

• Phase I study, evaluating the safety of the platform technology in active drug delivery to cancer tissues, to be launched by the end of 2019

• New strategic markets and value-creation prospects: Immuno-oncology is one of the most promising cancer treatment technology in a market valued at $100 billion by 2020


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Source: Cerenis Therapeutics