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CERAMENT™|G 5 mL to be utilized for infection management and prophylaxis in diabetic foot procedures and small extremities

Lund, Sweden, (PRNEWSWIRE) March 1, 2016 – BONESUPPORT™, an emerging leader in injectable bone substitutes for orthopedic trauma, bone infections and instrument augmentation related to orthopedic surgery, today announced an extension to the CERAMENT™|G product portfolio, adding a 5 mL volume to further develop the management of osteomyelitis (OM) and infection prophylaxis in diabetic foot and small extremities. CERAMENT™|G, which releases Gentamicin, received CE-mark in 2013, and is the first injectable antibiotic eluting bone substitute indicated to promote and protect bone healing in the management of bone infection. CERAMENT™|G is now available in 5 mL and 10 mL in CE-mark countries.

The new smaller 5 mL volume further expands the application of CERAMENT™|G in small joint and extremity indications, including osteomyelitis in the Diabetic Foot.  The efficacy of CERAMENT™|G in the management of this indication was recently demonstrated in two studies presented at the 34th Annual Meeting of the European Bone and Infection Society.

“CERAMENT™|G has demonstrated efficacy in the management of bone infections, and the new 5 mL volume will allow us to utilize this product in a larger number of patients with extremity infections as well as prophylactically in indications where a high risk of infection exists,” said Professor Lars Jens Perlick, Chief of Trauma and Orthopaedics, Asklepios Paulinen Klinik Wiesbaden, in Germany.


BONESUPPORT™ is an emerging leader of injectable bone graft substitutes for orthopedics, and trauma focusing on bone infection, instrument augmentation and spinal applications. CERAMENT™ is an injectable, synthetic bone substitute that mimics the properties of cancellous bone, allows for controlled resorption to support future bone ingrowth and is injectable under local anesthesia for minimally invasive surgery. CERAMENT™|G and CERAMENT™ V are the first CE-marked injectable antibiotic eluting ceramic bone graft substitutes indicated to promote and protect bone healing in the management of osteomyelitis, (bone infections). CERAMENT’s unique biologic properties deliver a consistent, pre-packed and ready-to-use formulation to facilitate optimal delivery. CERAMENT™|G and CERAMENT™ V are not available in the United States.

CERAMENT™ is a fully developed product platform that is commercially available in the U.S., Europe, SE Asia and the Middle East. CERAMENT™ is revolutionizing the treatment of fragility and other fractures caused by disease and trauma. Scientific research of CERAMENT™ spans more than eleven years. Over fifty pre-clinical, and clinical studies have been conducted and more than 20,000 patients have been treated with CERAMENT™. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in Lund, Sweden with subsidiary locations in the US and Germany. To learn more about BONESUPPORT™ please visit

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