Venture Capital for Breakthrough Therapies

Our Journey

HealthCap was founded 25 years ago. To mark the occasion we would like share some of the stories and learnings showing the impact HealthCap has made during our journey. Since the beginning, our motivation has been to identify innovative ideas and invest in people and companies focused on developing new products that could make a difference to healthcare and society. Our environment is constantly evolving, and by using our past experiences and learnings we can adapt to change and discover new products for the unmet needs of the future. In order to be successful we challenge current medical paradigms to explore new ways of treating – or even curing – diseases, to significantly improve quality of life.

The pace of innovation today is unprecedented, with new technologies emerging continuously, making it possible to tackle diseases that were previously without effective treatment options. Scientific progress also means it is now more possible to tailor medical treatments to individual patients in so-called precision medicine. This new era of targeted therapies is core to our current investment strategy, to support innovations that center on developing the right medicine for the right patient.

We are proud of our achievements over the past 25 years, and we are excited about the next stage of our journey in the years ahead.

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Making an Impact

Together with our stakeholders we strive to make a real impact and create a better world. We take pride in collaborating with different groups including investors, the academic community, portfolio companies and patients, as well as other key players in society. Having a responsible and sustainable approach to investment and ownership is our way of creating value for our stakeholders. During the past 25 years HealthCap has actively worked to foster the life science ecosystem both locally and globally. For example, HealthCap is a founding member of SwedenBIO, Forska!Sverige and an active member of Invest Europe. We believe that by working closely with key stakeholders across the life sciences sector we are able to have the greatest impact on advancing science and developing new medicines and solutions that benefit society. Together we can make a difference and create real value by developing solutions for unmet medical needs.

More about our 25 exciting years will be added. So do not miss out!

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